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We Dadia Chemical Industries are Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, Dealer, Trader, Provider of Hydrogenated Leather Chemical. Leather Chemical Manufacturer & Exporter India. Fat Liquor Manufacturer, Syntan Manufacturer, Acrylic Syntan Manufacturer Leading Leather Chemicals Manufacturer in India, producing High Performance Products based on R&D & New Generation Technology.

DCI is well known for its World Class Fat Liquors, Syntans, Acrylic Syntans, Finishing Lacquers, Fungicides.

Dadia Chemical Industries is well known as the Company to has invent & introduce White Fat Liquor to the World.

DeSoft 222 Ester based Soft Fat Liquor for Light Coloured Leathers.
DeSoft 1019 Speciality fat liquor for Superior White Leathers.
DeSoft 909 Polymeric Fat Liquor with Phospholipid Softeners.
DeSoft ASN Synthetic Fat Liquor for Lightweight Soft Leathers.
Decil S 90 Synthetic Soft Fat Liquor with Phosphited Softeners. (94S Type)
DeSoft FS-500 Fish Oil Fat Liquor, having very good penetration & Fat-Liquoring effect.
DeSoft SPM Sperm Oil Fat Liquor
DeSoft VF New Gen Vegetable Fat Liquor
DeSoft NF Neatsfoot Oil Fat Liquor
DeSoft LAN Wool Grease based Fat Liquor (Lanolin Based)
DeSoft UFB Synthetic Fat Liquor with Softeners
DeSoft GLH MultiPurpose Soft Fat Liquor based on Esters
EON WX Ester Based Soft Fat Liquor with Polymeric Softeners
DeSoft GSIN Cationic Fat Liquor
Product Description
PolySoft 100 Polymeric Fat Liquor with added Softeners
XSOFT 194 Combination Polymer based Fat, gives very good inner Softness & Touch to the leather
Decitan DVW Light fast White vegetable based on Caesalpinia Spinosa.
Decitan QTO Vegetable Extract based on family of Quebracho
Decitan ME Mimosa based Vegetable Tannin
Decitan CN Chestnut based Vegetable Tannin
Decitan DD New Gen Sulphone Syntan, gives Extra Whitness, Fullness, Roundness & Grain tightness (Powder)
Decitan DLE White Replacement Syntan, Phenol condensate based (Powder)
Decitan DI Replacement Syntan, Phenol condensate based
Decitan D6 Melamine Based Resin Syntan
Decitan OS Replacement Syntan
Decitan R7 Anionic amino resin tanning agent DCDA based
Decitan PR Levelling Syntan
Decitan P Pretanning Syntan
Decitan PAK Neutralizing Syntan
Decitan FP Protein Filler
Decitan AN Amphoteric Syntan
Decitan PF Aliphatic Aldehyde
Decitan CS Chrome Syntan
Decitan CAS Chrome Aluminium Syntan
Decitan AP40 Resin Tanning Agent based on Water Soluble Acrylic Polymers
Decitan MA 30 High Perfomance Maleic Copolymer based Syntan
Decitan RE 150 Resin Tanning Agent based on Water Soluble Acrylic Polymers
Decilac NS High Performance Clear Nitrocellulose Lacquer, Dilutable with Water or Solvent.
Decilac HG High Performance Water Soluble Nitrocellulose Lacquer, with High Gloss Effect.
Decilac MT Matt effect Laquer Emulsion– water soluble
Deciwet NE Anionic, economical Wetting agent
EON-100 Highly Efficient Conc. Non-Ionic Degreasing Agent for hides & Skins
EON SS 110 Collagen Fibre-Opening Derivative alongwith excellent Dispersant properties.(S-100 Type)
DeSoft C-100 Powerful Agent that helps Soften Water & enhance product performance & improved effect on leather. (CR II Type)
De-Cide Abu-30 Excellent world-wide accepted leather Preservative - Tcmtb Based.
De-Cide PRO-500 New Generation High Performance Fungicide - TCMTB Free. (Eqv. 399)

Finishing agents are applied to the surface of the leather to enhance its appearance and properties. They can include substances like resins, waxes, and polyurethanes that provide gloss, water resistance, and protection against abrasion. Retanning chemicals are used after the primary tanning process to further stabilize and improve the leather's properties, such as its strength, suppleness, and dyeability. These chemicals are used in the final stages of leather finishing to create a smooth and uniform surface. It's important to note that the use of chemicals in the leather industry is subject to regulations and safety standards to ensure the protection of workers, consumers, and the environment. Manufacturers follow specific guidelines and best practices to minimize the impact of chemicals on the environment and ensure that leather products are safe for consumers to use. We Dadia Chemical Industries are deeply engaged in offering a wide array of Hydrogenated Leather Chemical to our valuable Clients located in Mumbai, in Navi Mumbai, in Thane and all over India.

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